We are now closed until mid October

We will be closed for medical reasons throughout September and part of October.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

SoeL Beads

Handmade Stylish Gemstone Healing, Diffuser and Fashion Bracelets

All of our jewellery is handmade when ordered here in our Midlands studio. 


Created for you

Although there are many beautiful bracelets on my website, I regularly design bracelets for customers for specific purposes such as anxiety relief, water retention, Fibromyalgia, stress and nausea to name a few. 

If you would like a bracelet making for you then please just message me with what you would like help with and I will recommend the gemstones best suited and send you some designs to choose from. There is no extra charge for this service,

7 Chakra Healing Bracelets

There are 7 main Chakras and each one is associated with major organs and body parts which affect your overall health and well-being.
When any of these Chakras are blocked due to stress, anxiety, negativity etc then your energy cannot flow freely, causing ailments and affecting your health.
The gemstone crystals in our bracelets will help with keeping your Chakras clear and your energy flowing.

Holistic Properties

Find your ideal gemstone and what it can do for you by clicking here

Leather Wraps

We don't just do beads. We also make stylish genuine leather wrap bracelets

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