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12 Week Small Business Coaching & Mentoring
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12 Week Small Business Coaching & Mentoring


Handmade and Craft Business Start Up Mentoring and Coaching

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Small Handmade and Craft Business Start Up Coaching

This is it.

You know that you want to change your career and now is the time to ethically increase your income while you create your ideal life/work balance.

Then it dawns on you…… You’ve never actually started or built a business before.

You’ve never sold anything to anyone before.

You don’t know if anyone wants your products or your skills and you certainly don’t know what to charge for them.

Come to think of it you don’t really know where to get the products from, especially to be able to make any money.

Then where do you even go to sell your products and services……….

What should you do????????

Should you read a book that tells you all about it?

Should you download hundreds of freebies from the ‘Gurus’ on Facebook that will tell you how to make £100,000 of sales in 5 days while meditating?

Or should you just keep it as a dream for another day?

The answer is to turn to me.

The first thing we will do, together, is discover what inner beliefs are holding you back from moving forward in your business journey.

We will set the vision of your ideal business and we will discover what you will need to do, change and become to make your vision a reality.

Working together, we will discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now and using different methods, you will learn to overcome these.

Limiting beliefs such as feeling overwhelmed, self-doubt, fear of rejection, fear of failure, procrastination, overthinking, fear of overlooking something, and many other drip fed beliefs that your subconscious is using to block your progress will be addressed and dealt with.

Mindset is often overlooked, yet getting the right mindset is invaluable when taking the next step on an exciting journey. By learning new techniques to rewire your emotional mind, you will walk away with skills to use throughout the program and for the rest of your life.
you will get from me:-

CLARITY & FOCUS – A clear goal of the product and service you will offer as well as where you will offer it i.e. online, high street, market etc.

BUSINESS ADVICE – See what you need to start up your business such as help with companies house, bookkeeping and other set up and legal requirements.

UNBLOCK SELF DOUBT TO ALLOW PRODUCTIVITY & ORGANISATION – I will develop your mindset and focus to get you organised and working efficiently.

TIME MANAGEMENT & WORK/ LIFE BALANCE – Together we will prioritise your tasks and time so that you can work towards your goal around other commitments such as work and family time.

A CLEAR GUIDE AND STRATEGY – Help in identifying and sourcing the right products and services and help setting the right price ranges to attract customers while still making profit. We will look at which social media channels to use and set realistic expectations.

CONFIDENCE AND SELF BELIEF – I will coach you to overcome fears regarding selling, public speaking, networking etc. For example, if you are new to selling, I will coach on the psychology of selling and how to sell in a natural way.

REGULAR BRAINSTORMING OF NEW IDEAS – discussions and feedback on all aspects of your business – your vision, marketing campaigns, partnerships, hiring and much more…..

As well as weekly meet ups you will also get regular contact with me in-between meetups, Reiki, Chakra Cleansing and Meditation sessions to keep you focussed and enthusiastic throughout the journey and my mentorship.

Yes you get all of my help in getting your business started, all you have to do is put the work in.

It isn’t easy starting or scaling up a business and it’s even harder to do it alone. There will be times when you wonder if it’s worth it, if it’s ever going to happen, if people will take you seriously, there’s the fear of failing and there’s a lot of confusing information out there. Don’t worry, that’s what I will be there for, as a guide and a mentor.

I have over 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and businesses to map out and achieve their desired goals and I have worked for some of the most well known jewellery businesses in the world developing their business operations and coaching their teams.

I am trained in NLP and Coaching techniques as well as being certified in Reiki, Crystal and Chakra healing and Guided Meditation.

As somebody who’s adult life course was forced to take a new direction, I used my years of coaching and NLP experience to bounce back and live a life I love.

One of the biggest frustrations for me when I was first looking for help was the lack of hands on experience the helpers had. The resources out there were great, but the one thing that was always missing was the emotional experience.

A huge factor in my ability to focus and move forward was my use of Holistic Wellness practices. From Reiki to Meditation and everything in between, I used these tools to wake up excited to continue my journey each day.

After living for many years with chronic illness while still holding down high level jobs in the corporate jewellery world, my illness eventually got the better of me and one day my life was changed forever.
I had become seriously ill and since 2016 I have undergone many life saving and life changing operations.

However I battled back using all of my will and determination, and of course support of loved ones.

Yes I now had disabilities, yes I developed PTSD and yes I felt lost as though my dreams and future were being stolen from me.

What I also had was my years of experience coaching others using NLP and other methods to be able to coach myself back from the brink.

During one of my recovery periods I set up my long desired branded business, SoeL Beads Handrafted Beaded Bracelet Specialists, and through sheer smart work I built it into a successful multi award winning jewellery company.

All of my jewellery is aimed at crystal healing and aromatherapy to help people cope with issues on a daily basis. This put me in touch with many customers who had heard of my experience and came to me for help and advice for their problems.

It was doing this that reminded me just how much I love coaching and guiding individuals to help them focus and get out of the rut they had found themselves in. Be it work, relationships or just the feeling of being lost with no direction, I could help them.


So I refreshed my NLP and Coaching techniques then went on to become certified in Reiki, Crystal and Chakra healing as well as Guided Meditation so that I could offer a full wellness experience for those customers who need a bit of help.

I have a built a business that I am extremely proud of and in March 2022 I will be expanding the business again into a larger high street premises where I can carry out my holistic services as well as it being the home of SoeL Beads.

Now, I am not a millionaire and I also don’t need to be, what I am is fantastically proud and happy of what I have.

I have a business that has gained a fantastic reputation and won multiple awards locally, nationally and internationally.

I also have time to walk our young daughter to school each morning and collect her later. I get home at a nice time to cook and eat with my family. I get to go places with them at the weekend and we get to holiday together. Yes what I have is the work/life balance I always wanted and the time to make memories.

You too can have the life you desire and deserve.

Book your 12 week program with me and lets start your journey.



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