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How To Use A Diffuser Bracelet

When I started making bracelets years ago it was about the same time that my fiancée, Laura, had bought some essential oil from her friend. She put it in a plugin diffuser/vaporiser to make the house smell nice, I liked it seeing as though I was already a fan of incense.

I didn’t really know much about the oils at the time and one day when we were out, the years before lockdowns, I realised I could smell the oil on Laura. She told me that people put a dab of oil on their clothes etc so they can take the smell out with them….

I started reading up on oils and aromatherapy in general, it was really interesting, especially as I’ve always loved seeing how the mind works and how it uses association to make you feel different things. That is really in a basic way how aromatherapy works. You associate the smell of something with a certain feeling. Rose for example might make you think of summer and you feel upbeat, another scent might take you back to your childhood visiting your grans house, and the smell of Pernod makes me think of a particularly mad night out as a teenager with my mate Brian in Manchester and I never touched the stuff ever again. 

I think I’ve gone off on a tangent!

Anyway, after hearing that people were putting oils on their clothes to take the smell with them I started looking at different more stylish ways of doing this. One thing led to another and that’s when I came up with the lava stone idea. Obviously not exclusively but some jewellery I saw was more, let’s say, an aquired taste and not very fashionable. So by designing my bracelets as a fashionable accessory with a lava stone in, people could then use their favourite essential oil with them on the go and it looks good. 

Any bracelet on the site can have a lava stone added to it, just leave a note at checkout requesting it. 

In the mean time I have roped Charlotte in to make a video on how to put oil on your lava stone bracelet. You can watch it below.

Charlotte works with Young Living Essential Oils and is my go to expert when I need advice. She also has her own YouTube channel talking about her oils. Go check it out HERE, she’s really very knowledgeable. 

I’ve also put a bit more information on the website about aromatherapy HERE.

Hope you enjoy the video and just leave a comment or send me a message if you would like any more help.


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