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SoeL Beads Market Harborough

Did you know that I don’t only do jewellery?

This isn’t going to be a long post seeing as though I’ve added a video which pretty much explains everything. Basically it’s a video showing you all the other things that I sell at the SoeL Beads Market Harborough shop. 

The jewellery I make is used and bought for lots of different reasons, mainly because they’re gorgeous 😏 but a lot of my customers ask me to make jewellery to help with anxiety, relaxation and other crystal healing reasons which I’ll talk about in another post soon. So it was only natural that I added crystals, aromatherapy, relaxation and meditation things to the shop.

So that’s what the video is about, a bit of a look at the other goodies I sell and if you see anything you like just send a message.

When I first put the video on Instagram, filmed pre lockdown, the main feedback I received was about my accent…… Yep I’m Northern so if you need anything translating just leave a comment. 

Isn’t it weird listening to your own voice?

Anyway, I hope you like the video and feel free to turn down the volume 🙄



One comment

  1. Angela Randell

    Hello Si, I have had a few bracelets from you and I love them. Could you make one for my Daughter she is a Goth and has depression, so she likes black, grey, skulls, buda, she is 45. If you can I will pick it up from the Market. Kind Regards Angela

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