All bracelets

Designed and created by ourselves here in our studio. We have listed all of our bracelets in one place. We have 2 brands, Liv Beads and SoeL Beads. 

Liv Beads are made using Grade C Gemstones and Base Metal. They will arrive inside a cute organza pouch.

SoeL Beads U.K are our Luxury Bracelets using only Grade A or B Gemstones with Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold. All SoeL Bracelets contain a Sterling Silver or Gold Bead with our name engraved on it and will arrive wrapped inside a stylish SoeL Branded travel pouch and then placed inside a handy little box.

We can add lava stones to any of our ranges for diffusing purposes, carry out bespoke requests at a price that suits and make any bracelet to your desired size. 

Just message us with any questions.