Lava Stone and Purple Agate Beaded Bracelet.
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Lava Stone and Purple Agate Beaded Bracelet.


Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser Bead Bracelet. Lava Rock Stone and Purple Onyx

Voted Best Gemstone Beaded Jewellery Designers in the U.K 2021 by SME Annual U.K Enterprise Awards.

Worried about your bracelet not fitting?

If you know the correct wrist size then please leave a note when checking out and I will make the bracelets to your required size. If not known then do not worry, I offer a free resizing policy as well as a lifetime guarantee on all jewellery.


Lava Stone and Purple Agate Beaded Bracelet.

Ideal as a diffuser bracelet for Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

– Agate

is one of the oldest stones in history. It is believed to have many protective properties and throughout the ages has been used to give the wearer strength, protect against bad dreams, protect against stress and help with energy. It has also been used to re-balance and harmonise the body.

It is the all-round feel good stone.

– Lava Stone

– Is a well-known grounding and calming stone. It’s energetic properties are said to give courage and strength and the stability to handle change.

When using with Essential Oils

Lava stone is genuine lava from the magma of erupted volcanoes. It has a naturally rough surface and is porous.

Just roll or add 2 to 3 drops of your preferred oil to the beads to allow the oil to coat it. Once the oil has infused then the heat from your body when wearing the item will help in diffusing the oil.



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