Wind fossil agate and sunstone beaded bracelet
Black Wind Fossil Agate and Sunstone Beaded Bracelet
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Black Wind Fossil Agate and Sunstone Beaded Bracelet


Black Wind Fossil Agate and Sunstone Beaded Bracelet 10mm

Voted Best Gemstone Beaded Jewellery Designers in the U.K 2021 by SME Annual U.K Enterprise Awards.

Worried about your bracelet not fitting?

If you know the correct wrist size then please leave a note when checking out and I will make the bracelets to your required size. If not known then do not worry, I offer a free resizing policy as well as a lifetime guarantee on all jewellery.


10mm Sunstone and Black Wind Fossil Agate Beaded Bracelet

Black Wind Fossil Agate – Wind Fossil Agate is said to assist with the process of soul scouring by clearing away karmic encrustations, beliefs and emotional baggage. It carries the power of the Karma of Grace that says that, when sufficient work has been carried out, then the soul can let go, and is no longer bound by karma. (Courtesy of Judy Hall. Author of The Crystal Bible).

Sunstone – A magical stone which uses all its colours to sparkle like the sun. This is a happy stone. Among its many qualities it inspires you to nurture yourself to be in a position to help others.

Happiness – Leadership – Knowledge – Strength – Clarity


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10mm high quality gemstones
2 x 4mm 925 silver beads
8mm engraved 'SoeL' bead
Natural gemstones have their unique beauty so no 2 bracelets will be the same.
Bracelets are approximately 18.5cm.
Please leave a note if you require a different size.


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