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Do You Use Essential Oils?

Why not use your SoeL Beads Jewellery as a Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser?

What is Aromatherapy Diffusing?

More and more people are now using Essential Oils for Aromatherapy. 

The practice of Aromatherapy is where a person uses an Essential Oil for its Therapeutic Benefits.

The benefits of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy are widely reported and their uses range from being used in a Holistic Healing approach which some claim can help improve the Mind, Body and Spirit to more general uses as a favourite scent to make the room smell nice and fresh or even on holiday as an insect repellent. Whatever your desired use, SoeL Beads Jewellery is the perfect accessory for use with your Essential Oils.

What do Diffuser Bracelets Do?

A Diffuser Bracelet from SoeL Beads is a stylish and portable way to let you reap the benefits of your favourite essential oils where ever you go. SoeL Beads make a beautiful range of Diffuser Bracelets to choose from and can also make any of the jewellery you see into a Diffuser by blending Lava Stone into the design.

SoeL Beads range of Diffuser Bracelets all include at least one Lava Stone which is ideal as an Essential Oils Diffuser.

What are Lava Rock Beads

Lava Rock Beads are genuine lava from the magma of erupted volcanoes which has cooled down to become naturally rough and porous. 

Lava Rock Stone is a well-known grounding and calming stone. It’s energetic properties are said to give courage and strength and the stability to handle change.  

How Do Lava Beads Work With Essential Oils

Simply roll or add 2 to 3 drops of your preferred essential oil to the lava rock beads and allow the oil to coat it. Once the oil has infused then the heat from your body when wearing the jewellery will help in diffusing the oils aroma.

If you would like more or less lava stones in your jewellery then just leave a note when purchasing and you can Diffuse in style on the go. 

Featured Product

Sterling Silver and Blue Lace Agate Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Blue Lace Agate Bracelet

Beautifully understated luxury in 4mm Sterling Silver and 8mm Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a gorgeous pale blue gemstone that’s held in high esteem in the gem and crystal world.


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SoeL Beads

Hi, I am Simon and I am the Owner, Designer and Creator at SoeL Beads Luxury Beaded Jewellery.

After spending more than 30 years within the jewellery industry, in 2016 I finally went on to realise my own dream and create ‘SoeL Beads’, named after myself Simon, our daughter Olivia Esme and my wife Laura.

My desire is to use my knowledge of gemstones and passion for jewellery to create a brand that appeals to everyone, everywhere.

All SoeL Beads Jewellery is designed and created by myself in my shop studio in Market Harborough and is worn for fashion, aromatherapy diffusing and holistic health. I am continuously coming up with new ideas and if there is a particular style or design that you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact me for a bespoke commission. 

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