Kambaba and Labradorite Bracelet
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Kambaba and Labradorite Bracelet


Kambaba Jasper and Labradorite Grounding bracelet

Voted Best Gemstone Beaded Jewellery Designers in the U.K 2021 by SME Annual U.K Enterprise Awards.

Worried about your bracelet not fitting?

If you know the correct wrist size then please leave a note when checking out and I will make the bracelets to your required size. If not known then do not worry, I offer a free resizing policy as well as a lifetime guarantee on all jewellery.


Kambaba Jasper and Labradorite Beaded Bracelet.

This stunning Grounding bracelet also has Lava Stone for Essential Oil Diffusing.

Kambaba Jasper is a gemstone of tranquility and peace. It has a slow steady frequency which helps with grounding and focusing your mind. The focusing of the mind can help with your overall happiness, spiritual confidence and inner strength while attracting prosperity into your world. Used in meditation, it dispels negative thoughts and energies. Grounding, calming and cleansing your negativity will also assist you in getting a deep and peaceful sleep.

Labradorite can be described as magical, mystical, other worldly and many other things but it will never truly capture the full hypnotic beauty of this gemstone until it is radiating from your wrist. With its shimmering blues, purples and greens, folk lore has it that this gem stone fell to the Earth as frozen fire from the Northern Lights.
Labradorite will cleanse your aura and connect with your chakras to remove the things that are standing in your way to help you become the person you are meant to be.

Beads are 8mm

Contains 2 X 4mm Sterling Silver Beads and the ‘SoeL’ engraved bead.

Bracelet is approximately 18.5cm. Please leave a note when ordering if you would like a different size making.


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