SoeL Beads

SoeL Beads Luxury Bracelets was launched in early 2018 to run alongside my Liv Beads Brand.

Many Liv Beads customers were returning after enjoying their first bracelet and asking if I could create something for their special occasions such as Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc of which I happily obliged.

Such was the demand for Luxurious Gemstone Bead Bracelets that I set about developing SoeL Beads U.K. named after myself Simon, our daughter Olivia Esme and my wife Laura.

For this range I use Grade a higher grade or more unusual gemstone.

I am in a great position of being able make  SoeL Jewellery using top grade gems and offering them at a price that most companies would charge for a much lower grade.

Each bracelet contains a bead subtly engraved with our SoeL name.

Your bracelet will arrived wrapped in a travel pouch and handy box.

All bracelets are made at the time of ordering here in my Midlands studio by myself. Any special requests are welcome.

  • SoeL Diffuser Bracelets

    SoeL Diffuser Bracelets (30)

    Our range of diffusers all include at least one lava stone which is ideal as an essential oils diffuser. Lava stone is genuine lava from the magma of erupted volcanoes. It has a naturally rough surface and is porous. Just roll or add 2 to 3 drops of your preferred oil to the beads to allow the oil to coat…
  • SoeL 8mm Bracelets

    SoeL 8mm Bracelets (94)

    Probably our most popular size bead as it truly suits all wrist sizes. A beautifully sized stone to wear with suits or casuals, on its own or with another SoeL Bracelet. You create the look.
  • SoeL 6mm Bracelets

    SoeL 6mm Bracelets (24)

    The SoeL6 Collection is a range of 6mm Beaded Bracelets with Sterling Silver. Understated Style, they are made to be the all rounder, wear alone, with other SoeL6 bracelets or mix them with our other ranges. If there is a particular stone you would like then just please ask.
  • SoeL 10mm Bracelets

    SoeL 10mm Bracelets (23)

    A glorious collection of 10mm Gem Beads mixed with Sterling Silver. On the slightly larger size these stones show up tremendous detail and look great stacked with different 6 and 8mm bracelets.
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