shungite and pyrite 8mm beaded bracelet
Shungite and Pyrite Beaded Bracelet

Shungite and Pyrite Beaded Bracelet


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Shungite and Pyrite 8mm Bead Bracelet

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Shungite and Pyrite Beaded Bracelet

High Grade 8mm gemstones

Powerful EMF protection bracelet


Shungite is one of the most powerful crystals available and is a stone I recommend everybody should have.

Also known as the ‘Miracle Stone’ it is – Absorbing, shielding, filtering, electromagnetic protection, clearing pollutants, restoring equilibrium, transmuting stress.

Judy Hall describes Shungite below.

Shungite is billions of years old, has phenomenal shielding and purifying power that arises from its unique formation. It protects against radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, microwave and other vibrational emissions and the dis-eases these can create. Research has also shown it absorbs pesticides, free radicals, bacteria, viruses and the like. Immersed in water for several hours, it removes harmful micro-organisms and pollutants, transforming the water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance. Shungite clears out mental or emotional pollutants, restores emotional equilibrium and transmutes stress into a potent energetic recharge. It brings in fresh patterns whilst keeping the wisdom of the past and applying it to the present to create a new future. This stone boosts physical well-being and has a powerful effect on the immune system. With a powerful link to ancient earth energies, Shungite restores ley lines and the earth’s meridians, grounds spiritual energies into the body and anchors the body to the earth. It is highly supportive during metaphysical work of all kinds, creating a protective shield, and is said to enhance prophecies.


Shungite is a traditional cure-all, said to assist cellular metabolism, neurotransmitters, immune, digestive and filtration systems; enhance enzyme production and provide pain relief. It is a detoxifier, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Shungite Water treats sore throats, burns, cardio-vascular diseases, blood disorders, allergies, asthma, gastric disturbances, diabetes, arthritis and osteoarthritis, kidney and liver disorders, gall-bladder dysfunction, auto-immune diseases, pancreatic disorders, impotence and chronic fatigue syndrome.

A stone of Confidence and Protection, Pyrite stimulates the 2nd and 3rd Chakras, enhancing Willpower and Strength of Mind. An Achievement stone, wearing or placing Pyrite around the workplace can drive your Creativity, Confidence & Desire to push forward and complete tasks and challenges thus bringing Money and Prosperity into your life. Pyrite can help the wearer to recall key information when needed by Enhancing the Memory.
Pyrite is the Zodiac Stone for Leo
Pyrite can help with symptoms of Fatigue.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this amazing Gemstone can do for you. From Protection, Confidence, Energy and Achieving, this really is the crystal to own.

Contains 2 x small Sterling Silver Beads with the ‘SoeL’ engraved Stainless Steel Bead



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