10mm Obsidian and Tigers Eye Dragon Bracelet


10mm Obsidian and Tigers Eye Dragon Bracelet

Dragon Obsidian and Tigers Eye Bracelet



10mm Natural Black Obsidian and Golden Honey Tigers Eye Dragon Tibetan Beaded Bracelet

– Black Obsidian is said to be able to cleanse your Aura and rid the psychic smog. It will shield you from negativity and protect the owner.  

Take a look at the beautiful mystical shimmer inside this Gemstone. This stone has been used by crystal gazers and shamans to make contact with the spirit world and the shimmer you can see in the right light is said to be the spirits of loved ones. 

 Obsidian forms from molten lava that very quickly cooled and did not have time to form into glass. It is said to be a type of volcanic glass, and is found in a number of places worldwide. 

Obsidian can be dated back to prehistoric times and has been used as spearheads and arrowheads as well as a large variety of tools.

Oh and I hear it can defeat white walkers……

– Tigers Eye is a Beautiful Stone Crystal with bands of Gold and Yellow Colours throughout. Through centuries it has been considered a powerful Crystal which helps release fear and anxiety, aid harmony and life balance and help in making important decisions.
Natural Gemstone Beads are 10mm
Plain Bead is 6mm Sterling Silver
Dragon Head is 17mm Alloy
Bracelet is 19cm as standard, please leave a note when ordering if you require a different size


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