6mm Onyx and Skull Charm Bracelet


6mm Onyx and Skull Charm Bracelet


Slimline Polished Onyx Beaded Bracelet with Sterling Silver Skull Charm

– Onyx is a well known protective stone and is said to be worn to protect the owner when they face battles of all types, physical and mental. It is also believed to protect the wearer against negativity from others and from their own inner mind. It gives the confidence to be the master of your own destiny and instill strength.

– Skulls have been worn for centuries as a symbol of power. From as early as the 15th century people began wearing the skull in jewellery as a reminder of their own mortality and what it meant to be alive.

Contains 6 mm Gemstone Beads with Sterling Silver Beads and Skull Charm.

Bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches. Please leave a note if you require a different size

Lava Stone can be added, just leave a note when ordering

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