Rose Quartz and Amethyst Heart Bracelet


Rose Quartz and Amethyst Heart Bracelet


Beautiful 6mm Beaded Rose Quartz and Amethyst ‘Love’ Diffuser Bracelet

Rose Quartz – Is a stone that represents true love. It is said to have been made when the blood of Adonis and Aphrodite merged and stained a rock of White Quartz pink. It not only inspires love of others, but very importantly, it helps one love themselves.

Amethyst is an ancient stone and has been used through centuries for many purposes. It was even once held in such high esteem that it was worth as much as Diamond. The most popular and well known belief was that Amethyst would guard against drunkenness. In fact its name derives from the Greek word ametusthos which means not intoxicated. Greeks and Romans used to put Amethyst onto their goblets to avoid getting drunk. It has many different meanings in different cultures some being that it will guard the wearer from evil thoughts against them and help become shrewd in business. It is also, which I like, the stone of St Valentine and represents faithful love.

Lava Stone – Is a well-known grounding and calming stone. It’s energetic properties are said to give courage and strength and the stability to handle change. It can also be used as a Diffuser using SoeL Beads Essential Oil.

Lava stone is genuine lava from the magma of erupted volcanoes. It has a naturally rough surface and is porous.

Just roll or add 2 to 3 drops of your preferred oil to the beads to allow the oil to coat it. Once the oil has infused then the heat from your body when wearing the item will help in diffusing the oil.

Gemstone beads are 6mm

Contains 2 X 4mm and 1 X 6mm Sterling Silver beads

Heart is made from Tibetan Silver

I use extra strong silicone thread as my elastic which will not harden or crack.

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