Black Wind Fossil Agate Dragon Bracelet


Black Wind Fossil Agate Dragon Bracelet


Black Wind Fossil Agate and Obsidian Dragon Graduated Gemstone Bracelet

Wind Fossil Agate – Wind Fossil Agate is said to teach that you are an eternal incarnated soul who just happens to be on a human journey this time.
It is purported to assist with the process of soul scouring by clearing away karmic encrustations, beliefs and emotional baggage. It carries the power of the Karma of Grace that says that, when sufficient work has been carried out, then the soul can let go, and is no longer bound by karma. (Courtesy of Judy Hall. Author of The Crystal Bible).

Black Obsidian is said to be able to cleanse your Aura and rid the psychic smog. It will shield you from negativity and protect the owner.  Take a look at the beautiful mystical shimmer inside this Gemstone. This stone has been used by crystal gazers and shamans to make contact with the spirit world and the shimmer you can see in the right light is said to be the spirits of loved ones.

Obsidian forms from molten lava that very quickly cooled and did not have time to form into glass. It is said to be a type of volcanic glass and is found in a number of places worldwide.

Obsidian can be dated back to prehistoric times and has been used as spearheads and arrowheads as well as a large variety of tools.

Gemstones are 10, 8 and 6mm with 6mm Sterling Silver Bead.

Dragon Head is Tibetan Silver

Threaded on special beading elastic which does not harden or crack

Why not request a lava stone be added when ordering so you can use your bracelet as a Diffuser with my SoeL Beads Essential Oil

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