Green Flourite Tumble Stones


Green Flourite Tumble Stones

Green Flourite Tumbled Stone


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Green Flourite Tumble Stones

Also called Flourspar

These stunning Tumble Stones are ideal for a multitude of uses be it as Chakra or Healing stones, worry stones, anti anxiety tools or simply to have around the home or office as eye catching ornaments.

Flourite energizes all of the Chakras, the gentle healer, and is especially powerful when used with the throat Chakra.

This genius stone represents the highest state of mental achievement, helping the absorption of new information and giving the ability to work through complex problems.

It is a very protective stone and brings calmness to rid you of anxieties and tensions.


These tumble stones are a natural stone and will all vary in appearance.

The stones are selected randomly.

Stones measure approximately 3 – 3.5 cm

Price is for one stone


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