Prehnite Shard Necklace


Prehnite Shard Necklace


Prehnite Gemstone Shard Necklace

You will fall in love with the complete individuality of this gemstone

-Prehnite is an extremely powerful stone on many levels and can be placed anywhere on the body to support healing. It is said to act as a pain reliever, particularly for arthritis sufferers.

Prehnite connects to your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra. Linking your heart to your will, it helps you live your life in a heart based way. It is a great gemstone to encourage you to go out and achieve what your heart desires.

Gemstones are natural and will vary in appearance

Gemstones and range from approximately 3 to 5 cm

Gemstones are picked at random

Gemstone will come on an adjustable wax coated cord

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